HarbourSING! July 4: 7:00-8:15 pm

WHAT is the HarbourSING event?

HarbourVOICES! Festival’s final evening performance event will be HarbourSing!

This event is an open-air moveable feast of sound taking place in the downtown of St. John’s — along part of the historic and working harbour front and in areas throughout our very vibrant downtown Water Street Pedestrian Mall and the famous George Street.

8 performance venues are planned, and the ‘audience’ will visit various venues as collective moving groups led by very playful sea creatures (e.g. Hilda the Humpback, Tuffy the Turtle, Sedgewick the Seagull….).

The whole event is free to the public, but will require a special ticket to ensure being part of the sea creature groups.

Contact The Arts and Culture Centre Box Office for your free ticket.

You won’t want to miss this very unique event.

Thursday, July 4th. 7-8:15pm

Where will HarbourSING take place?

Performing groups from HarbourVOICES! Festival will be situated at one
of the 8 performance venues and the audience will be visiting some of
these — listening to a few songs, then moving on to another venue! The 8
venues are located along George St., the Water St. Pedestrian Mall, and
adjacent to Harbour Drive.

For HarbourSING! Locations please see the HarbourSING! Map

What is the cost of HarbourSING Tickets?

Tickets to HarbourSING are Free! To be part of an audience grouping – tickets are necessary and must be obtained through The Arts and Culture Centre Box Office, St. John’s.

How do audience members know where to meet?

Audience members will assemble in groups of 80 in one of the 8 locations (locations A, B, C, D, E, F, or G on the HarbourSING! Map) and be led
through the downtown core to various other performance venues. Each group will be led or guided by intriguing sea creature puppets (e.g.Hilda
the Humpback, Tuffy the Turtle, Sedgewick the Seagull,..

Audience groups are assembled by colours: Green; Orange: Royal Blue; Turquoise; Pink; Silver; Gold and Purple. People with limited mobility should opt for the ORANGE Ticket Group, meeting at location H. (The “ A Time” statute on George Street)

What can I expect at the HarbourSING Event?

HarbourSING will be a fun, moveable feast of sights and sounds!
Performing groups will be located in various places: locations A, B, C, D, E, F, or G on the HarbourSING! Map

Audience groups will move from place to place – guided by dynamic puppets and colourful leaders and accompanied by singing and playing! Be ready to join in singing too! Those who do not want to join a moving audience group can opt to stay at one of the performance venues. If so, you’ll be able to listen to the full repertoire of the performing groups located there!

How can I obtain tickets for HarbourSING?

Tickets to HarbourSING! are free. To be part of an audience grouping –
tickets are necessary and must be obtained through The Arts and
Culture Centre Box Office
, St. John’s.

If I don’t have a ticket, can I still attend HarbourSING?

YES! but you won’t be able to move with a designated audience group.
You can, however you will need to go to on venues e of the assembly (SEE MAP) and stay to listen to the performing groups located there. Locations A, D, E and G may have the most room available for non-ticketed audience people.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We have asked for a beautiful St. John’s evening for HarbourSING!
If the weather turns out to be too wet, cold, and blustery to be comfortable or safe, we will move HarbourSING! to the St. John’s Convention Centre.

Ticket holders will be notified of any change through an email and will have priority for entering the Convention Centre once all of the performers are in place.

Check our www.harbourvoices.ca website for updates.

Rain Ponchos!

If we only have light rain threats (i.e. not enough to move inside), we will have HarbourVOICES! PONCHOS for sale at the Convention Centre.

The very best way to ensure good weather
is to purchase a poncho in advance!!